Industrial chemical | Waterborne Polyamines

The waterborne polyamines below are on stock at all times and available for order through our sales department.

INDOX HH-Active Equiv. weightAmine NumberViscosity at 25°CGardner colour indexPotlifeDescriptionApplications
 (g/equiv.)(mgKOH/g)(mPas)(temp. increase 23°C to 40°C) (min)  
WH 20028021030000-50000< 161-2 hoursmodified polyamide waterborne
  • waterborne epoxy coatings
  • very low or ZERO-VOC epoxy coatings
  • supplied at 50% solid in water
  • high adhesion to damp concrete
  • concrete floor and wall coatings
  • concrete sealers and primers
WH 201166240-26025000-40000< 121-1.5 hourswaterborne
  • waterborne epoxy systems
  • anticorrosive primers
  • white gloss top-coats and clear coats
  • quick dry time
  • excellent abrasion resistance
  • good corrosion resistance
  • supplied at 70% solid in water
WH 202170220-240150-230< 13waterborne
  • waterborne epoxy systems
  • very low or ZERO-VOC epoxy coatings
  • decorative and protective coating
  • waterproofing
WH 203240155-17540-1000< 12ca. 60waterborne
  • waterborne epoxy systems
  • ZERO-VOC epoxy coatings
  • cementious epoxy flooring
  • primer for green concrete
  • fast drying time
WH 600300130-1655000-100002-4 hourspolymeric emulsion
  • waterborne epoxy coatings
  • very low or ZERO-VOC epoxy coatings
  • fast film-drying and cure
  • water vapour and permeability